Based in the USA, uMore creates apps, mobile applications and websites focused on people’s mental wellbeing needs. Its mission is to destigmatise mental health and make care accessible regardless of location. 

business challenge

uMore needed highly qualified engineers within a limited budget to help them with the development of MVP. Thus, the client wanted to enter the market quicker and focus more on promoting the product, raising funding for the startup, etc.

Location: USA
Industry: Healthcare
Partnership: 2020 - 2021
Team size: 2 engineers
Team Location: Chernivtsi, Ukraine
Technologies: React Native, QA

Product overview

The AI-powered mental well-being tracker that helps users build positive habits, change behaviour and share how well
they’re doing with friends, family, and doctors. The app measures users’ mental well-being, takes active control into
achieving mental balance, builds good habits, and tracks their progress that offers personalized recommendations to
help manage stress and anxiety levels at home or on the go.

values delivered by our team

  • Very deep integration of our resources into the client’s in-house team, great team work and chemistry
  • Extremely efficient communication of our engineers with the client’s team
  • MVP launch within a limited budget and timeframe

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