Cedemo x Improveit case study

Client background

Located in Monaco, Cedemo is a toys and video games retail content platform adapted to the very specific needs of these two globally important industries that give a client the confidence to concentrate on growing his business.

Business challenge

Our main challenges were: optimizing the cost of technical support, increasing and ensuring the stable operation of the platform, increasing the level of user involvement in the platform and replacing the old technologies that were used on the project with modern ones for better performance.

Short info :
  • Location: Monaco
  • Industry: Retail
  • Partnership: 2018 - 2019
  • Team size: 4 members
  • Team location: Ukraine, Chernivtsi
  • Technologies: .NET, React.js, Postgresql, Redux.

product overview

Cedemo's B2B Retail Content Platform takes the hassle and costs out of product information management and video merchandising for video games and toys.

Video Games and Toys retailers use Cedemo’s platform as a single source to access our network of content suppliers from one source. Vendors use Cedemo’s network to access global retailers with a single point of contact.

values delivered by our team

- UI/UX improvements based on customers’ feedback and development process

- effective spending of client resources (time and money)

- fast and flexible solution when the client needed ad-hoc extension to the in-house team

- help to move forward in business model changes

Didier Gromaire

CTO, Cedemo

“ImproveIT Solutions serves as a partner to our company, and our relationship is honest, productive, and efficient. ImproveIT Solutions is a highly adaptive team that offers helpful insights and delivers work at reasonable rates.”

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