EyeToAi x Improveit case study

Client background

based in Israel, EyeToAi delivers new method of early stage disease diagnostics (oncology)

Business challenge

Our client needed to build a system with high perfomance rate and implement AI and machine learning technologies. In radiology the number of studies and images, and the knowledge needed to interpret them grow exponentially. This results in great pressure on radiologists, mistakes and delays in diagnosis. Most existing clinical research solutions work on AI, but face 2 problems - they are not optimized for collaboration with humans and lack vast amounts of structured data needed for machine learning.

Short info :
  • Location: Israel
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Partnership: 2016 - current
  • Team size: 5 developers
  • Team location: Ukraine, Chernivtsi
  • Technologies: .NET, React.js, Mssql, Webpack, Redux.

product overview

eyetoai is developing a platform that increases productivity and accuracy of medical imaging interpretation. The core idea is integration of artificial intelligence into the radiologist’s workflow in a seamless and intuitive manner.

eyetoai has two major benefits. First, it makes radiologists more efficient with its robotic workflow automation (chatbot). Second, it opens new potential markets (Asia) for medical imaging diagnosis by providing a language neutral solution.

values delivered by our team

- a solution built with multiple modules system and complex business logic

- high perfomance system with integrated AI + ML technologies and high-level accuracy on given reports

- UI/UX improvements based on customers feedback and development process


  • Efficiency

    ~X1.25 more studies per radiologist Translating into ~$100-150K increase in annual salary per radiologist.

    Increased efficiency
  • Easier access to knowledge

    Eyetoai turns one inexperienced radiologist into several experts by advanced decision support and data analytics.

    Higher accuracy = Better product
    High value studies = More money
  • New markets

    Increased global demand for medical imaging over 1 billion people are expected to join healthcare services market.

    New markets = More money

michael kolomenkin


“ImproveIT team help us with a very responsible mission - creating a web application for hospitals and radiologists. The core idea is to make medical image interpretation more efficient and accurate by utilizing cutting edge machine learning, artificial intellegence and data analysis tools. I can say that their communication is key. Their attention to detail is great, and they question us if they think it might be better to solve the issue in a different way. They really care about the product thy’re building.”

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