LALALAB. x Improveit case study

Client background

Located in France, Paris. Delivering of new way of printing services - the LALALAB app allowing to print photos directly from your phone only with a few clicks.

Business challenge

Legacy photo printing project with a huge volume of deprecated code. RESTful API. Complex refactoring and debugging. As a result of work - project updated, stabilized, bugs fixed, project documentation added and code covered with unit tests.

Short info :
  • Location: France
  • Industry: Printing
  • Partnership: 2018 - ongoing
  • Team size: 3 members
  • Team location: Ukraine, Chernivtsi
  • Technologies: PHP, Symfony, MySQL.

product overview

LALALAB was created in 2012 by a team of three friends with a simple goal: to give people an easy way to print and showcase their smartphone photos.

The mission is to help people celebrate the moments that mean something to them, from the unforgettable to the everyday. From the original team of three, LALALAB now employs a team of 35 who are committed to providing people in 75 countries with a fun, intuitive way to turn photos stored on their devices into real-life albums, prints, posters, and more.

values delivered by our team

- supporting and optimization of legacy code

- unit tests coverage

- handling of application release

- bug detection and fixing

- support for the client's in-house team, development improvement

- troubleshooting, prioritization of tasks from technical point of view

Romain Coirault


“Since we started to collaborate with ImproveIT, we were excited about the quality of service. Developers are experienced; they can discover the main potential issues and able to solve it on before. We are satisfied with the way how ImrpoveIT works, about the delivery of result and satisfied with the experience that ImrpoveIT brings to us.”

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