Based in Germany, Onpreo is a hi-tech startup that creates complex platform for brokers and real estate experts. It automates management, lead generation, pricing, marketing and customer interaction.

business challenge

Onpreo was looking for a partner to provide additional resources for their engineering
team. The client’s need was to speed up the development process – so that they would be able to finish the MVP within the limited timeframe.

Location Germany
Industry: Real estate
Partnership: 2021 - ongoing
Team size: 1 engineer
Team location: Chernivtsi, Ukraine
Technologies: React.js, Next.js, TypeScript

Product overview

Onpreo is a unique software solution for real estate agents. It’s a complex integral system that allows optimizing all stages
of the professional workflow:

  • Digital order management provides legally secure digital processes and transparent order data
  • Proven deal funnel accompanies the owner step-by-step through the sale
  • Price finder shows real estate price formation in an understandable way for customers
  • Price strategy calculator displays the marketing duration and the number of prospects depending on the price
  • All-in-one CRM – based on the understanding of a specific industry needs – provides the easiest management process
  • Wide range of effective marketing tools helps building and automating sustainable sales and acquisition marketing systems.

values delivered by our team

  • Delivered MVP within the negotiated period
  • Code quality improvement and refactoring, platform performance optimization
  • Customization of exiting features to the cutomer’s specific needs
  • Smooth daily communication with the client’s development team

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