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    team members
    of engineers with 4-12 years of experience
    years on the market
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    what about our culture?

    Taras, Co-Founder & CMO

    “We don’t focus on motivating people, because they already are. We just don’t discourage them by micromanagement and complicated processes”

    Taras, Co-Founder & CMO
    Vlada, COO

    “We invest in people and help them grow personally and professionally. Everyone feels valued and trusted to drive initiatives and make a difference in the company’s success”

    Vlada, COO
    Vitaliy, Co-Founder & CEO

    “We stay flexible and give extra freedom so our relationships within a team are honest. We encourage independent decision-making and creativity – as it always leads to a growth”

    Vitaliy, Co-Founder & CEO
    3 reasons to join us
    Personal development plan: conferences and courses, online English classes and access to the company's library
    No barriers in communication: everyone is very approachable and helpful from the trainee all the way up to executives
    A workspace based on your wishes - feel free to make any :) Spoiler: PlayStation, AR headset and table football are already in!
    3 reasons to join us

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    Natalia Vasylkova Recruiting manager