Throw No More

Located in Norway, Throw No More is a social enterprise aiming to reduce food waste by connecting consumers with food products that would otherwise go to waste.

business challenge

As the number of customers and food providers was growing, Throw No More needed more technical capacity to handle the growing business load and demands. And hence, there was a necessity of rewriting and extending the functionality of an old Ionic app in React Native.

Location: Norway
Industry: Food and Beverage Services
Partnership: 2021
Team size: 1 engineer
Team location: Chernivtsi, Ukraine
Technologies: React Native

product overview

The Throw No More app is a digital service that gives end users an overview of the reduced-priced goods that grocery stores have on offer, either because the goods are approaching their expiration dates or because they cannot be sold at full price for other reasons.

The purpose of the Service is to reduce food waste in grocery stores by giving users an overview of these items. The user can insert a zip code or share their location, after which he gets a list of grocery stores in the center of the zip code or around the shared location.

Also, there is an overview of stores that have discounted items with information like regular price, current price, number of items left, and picture of the item. Users can then go to the store and buy the discounted items in the app. In this way, many items are sold instead of being wasted.

values delivered by our team

  • Rebuilding the app from Ionic Angular to React Native
  • Delivered high-quality code
  • Daily smooth communication with the client’s team
  • Meeting very tight budget constraints

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