Photoweb is the first French solution for online digital photo printing, delivered right to your doorstep. Having grown and evolved during nearly two decades, it now stands as a leading enterprise-level company. The platform offers all ranges of photo products for any occasion.

business challenge

Photoweb faced a need to strategically enhance its operational capabilities. The immediate priority was to get a proficient technical team to take over the development of their mobile apps. They required a team within a mere two weeks, including the critical knowledge transfer process on-site in France. The long-term goals were to improve the quality of apps and develop new features to enhance their offerings.

Location: France
Industry: Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment
Partnership: 2018 - 2021
Team size: 8 engineers
Team Location: Ukraine, Chernivtsi
Technologies: Android/Java, Kotlin, iOS/Swift

product overview

Photoweb is a user-friendly platform that allows you to quickly and easily transform your most beautiful moments into superb Photo prints, Photo books or albums, Retro prints, Personalized calendars, Photo canvases, Framed posters or Magnets, and print them instantly with fast delivery. It is the perfect gift to keep or share memories.

Thanks to clear and easy-to-use features designed to make usability smooth and enjoyable, you have everything you need to bring your unique vision to life. You can pick different sizes, shapes, and designs for each thing you want to make. The quality is top-notch too. You can also be confident that each gift remains genuinely one-of-a-kind.

It’s more than just a platform or app, it’s a full-cycle manufacturing, from customizing and ordering photo products to printing and delivery. The company operates its own highly automated factories, and with just a few taps users can kickstart the automated production process.

values delivered by our team

  • assembling a highly capable team of 8 engineers within 2 weeks to reach the project’s objectives;
  • ensuring quick team extension, sometimes even within a few days;
  • undertaking a comprehensive overhaul of all the company’s apps;
  • seasoned technical consulting, advising the client on the product roadmap and the most optimal pathways for further development;
  • migrating an application from Java to Kotlin;
  • implementation of a modern MVVM architecture instead of an outdated approach;
  • implementation of analytics at all stages of the application;
  • debugging and fixing — as a result, the crash-free rate was brought up to 98%.

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