Located in Sweden, UbiGo is an application that provides different ways of locomotion within the city

business challenge

UbiGo had the first version of the application developed by the previous team when ImproveIT stepped into the project. After a thorough analysis, it was decided to develop the application from scratch.

Location: Sweden
Industry: Mobility as a Service
Partnership: 2020 - ongoing
Team size: 1 engineer
Team Location: Ukraine, Chernivtsi
Technologies: iOS, Swift

product overview

UbiGo platform combines different ways of locomotion within the city:

  • car sharing: choose a monthly subscription with a certain amount of car hours per month. Book a car via the app, pick it up and open it with the phone.
  • bike rental: the user fills in the ordering form and chooses if the bike is needed on a monthly basis or for longer periods ( e.x. 6-months).
  • public transportation: the user chooses a monthly subscription with a certain amount of day tickets. The subscription can be easily edited, shared with the family, and stopped.
  • car rental
  • taxi

values delivered by our team

  • allocating a skilled senior team member within the limited timeframe;
  • ensuring efficient communication on a daily basis and suggesting innovative solutions;
  • delivering high-quality code;
  • providing a thorough analysis of the requirements and consulting the client.

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