What Is a Dedicated Team Model? Full Guide + Tips

What is a Dedicated Team Model in a nutshell?

A dedicated team is a business model according to which a service company provides software development professionals, who work as a client’s own team extension on a long-term basis. Engineers are hired with specific skills and experience to cover all customer’s needs. The management of a dedicated team and the development process is usually on the client’s side.

Now let’s take a look at some popular questions you might have about hiring a dedicated software development team.

Signs That You Should Hire a Dedicated Team

Early-stage startup

For early-stage startups, time and money are the key factors influencing future success. With the help of dedicated developers, you can build an MVP of your product fast and decrease time to market dramatically. In terms of expenses, it is cheaper to cooperate with a dedicated team provider than hiring and paying salaries to an in-house team of software developers. Also, there is no need to take care of equipment, office supplies, and working space as it is the responsibility of a service provider. 

Specific product domain

If your product is niche-oriented or requires building a complicated system, it is better to hire a dedicated team with relevant domain expertise. So that they can solve complex, industry-specific problems and provide optimized high-quality solutions.

Projects with undefined or changing requirements

Sometimes for a startup it is hard to set a determined scope of work and tasks priority at the discovery stage. As any product idea should go through a validation process to ensure there is a product-market fit, during the customer discovery stage some insights may cause the change of key features. A dedicated team, which is basically your own remote team, provides you with the needed time and resources to make all changes without paying additional costs.

Long-Term Projects

To deliver a complex, lasting product, you need a strong team of developers working with you from the beginning to the end of the project. So that all members are united by a clear vision of a product and have a deep technical understanding. Within a dedicated team model, software developers focus only on your project which means more time on strategic planning and general improvement. And it also allows preserving the product knowledge within one long-term team. On the contrary, with other collaboration models the process can be less productive as developers are usually involved in several projects simultaneously: context switching takes time to get into focus.

What Is the Cost of Hiring a Dedicated Team?

The final cost depends on the team size, level of seniority, and project complexity. For example, the average hourly rate for a software developer in Eastern Europe is $25-45, while in the US you’ll pay as much as $100-150 for the same work done with the same level of competence. The cost is calculated by the formula: members’ salaries + service provider’s fee, which includes administrative overheads such as expenses on renting an office, providing equipment, HR and legal support, paying taxes and bills, etc. In addition, it’s much cheaper and faster to hire a dedicated software development team with the help of a vendor than to search for each professional on your own. 

Where to Find and Hire a Dedicated Team?

To find a reliable software development partner you should go through several steps. We recommend you to start with researching firms on specialized aggregators such as Clutch, GoodFirms, IT Firms etc. You can choose companies based on the minimal project budget they work with, hourly rate, type of services, industry, number of reviews, etc. Then study the reviews of selected companies to get a complete picture of their working process and general customer satisfaction. Study the portfolio to make sure the companies have the needed expertise for your project, also check their management process and data protection measures. And only after that you can move to the final steps such as interviewing and hiring.

Management of a Dedicated Team

With a dedicated team model, there is a possibility for you to decide on how involved in the project management you want to be. A dedicated team is basically your own remote team, so you can fully manage every aspect of the product development process by yourself. Or you can leave it to your service provider and just control the current progress. With the help of time tracking and task management systems, software development became a transparent process.

Dedicated Team Set-Up Process at ImproveIT Solutions

Since 2016 we have set up dedicated development teams in Ukraine for 50+ clients. Here is how we usually start a new dedicated team project:

  1. Evaluation. First of all, we study the needs of your project no matter whether it is new product development or upgrading the existing one. Then we identify your requirements, expectations, and key objectives to match them with the necessary expertise, skill sets, and team structure. 
  1. Team Selection. Once we are aware of the business and technological challenges, we offer you a balanced team structure that will be both productive and cost-effective. Then we shortlist the best candidates and send you the resumes.
  1. Interview & hiring stage. We can provide a developer within a set tech stack in just 1-2 days. If you are looking for another skill set – the whole process takes a couple of weeks, depending on the team size and requirements. 
  1. Onboarding. At this stage, we align the project and business priorities and provide the team with the necessary software and equipment. We create the team’s organizational chart, roadmap, distribute responsibilities, set up all communication and reporting procedures.
  1. Support and advising. Every client has a dedicated account manager as a main point of contact, that takes care of all administrative and organizational matters throughout collaboration. They are in regular communication with customers via video calls and chats, are constantly asking for feedback and areas for improvement during the whole cooperation process to make sure we provide excellent service.

Key Takeaways

All in all, while choosing a reliable service provider you should remember that it’s not enough to hire an expert dedicated development team. Hiring is just the first step. What’s more important is that the provider has well-established internal business processes to make this team productive and work effectively. You can contact us to get and review all our documentation on setting up dedicated teams and internal processes for such type of collaboration.

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